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I got one of the discovery development boards for the princely sum of £9!!

I have been reading and searching and reading some  more about how to program the thing and its left my head hurting!!

STLINK V2, CN3 jumpers? WTF???

Can anyone hold my hand and explain in laymens terms how to get started with this very powerful piece of kit

I have lots of questions I just want to test the waters here to see whos actually using one!

Thanks in advance


discovery development boards

Do you have a link ?
Rob Tillaart

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Its this little baby

Basically my questions are many, but I just want to know what compiler I should use and how on earth do i get started according to the literature its really easy to get going but not in my experience


and it's left my head hurting!

Yeah, that's one of the nice things about Arduino.  Start blinking LEDs without having to first understand a complicated IDE and programming environment...


  The best free IDE I have found for the discovery board is Atollic light, I tried others with less luck. http://www.atollic.com/index.php/download/truestudio-for-arm

You also need to download nearly all these PDFs. http://www.st.com/internet/evalboard/product/252419.jsp

You need to start reading, it will take some work.

Arduino is a lot easier in my  opinion, but STM32 has massive speed and possibilities.

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