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Good Day!
I'm doing my work Completion of course and make it a system that accesses the Android Arduino via a web server for now that the SD Card. In case the Android application that accesses the server sends the request to the Arduino.
My difficulty is that to read the status of a port of the Arduino (eg to check your circuit is an open or closed).
In this project does not want to use the computer, which is complicating me, because I wanted the system had a database where you inform all communication system. What could this not the case in Android because the system can be in more than one unit. I wanted to put the bank embarked on the SD card, but so far have not found means. Can anyone help me on these problems?


The Arduino cannot do a real SQL database, but you have a filesystem if you use a SD card.
You can create a csv file to reflect a table.
If you need more tables, use multiple files.

Can you make a sketch how the components should work together as the goal is not clear.
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Thanks for the help ..
I have thought this option.
I'll try to solve here, Thanks!

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