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Topic: [DONE]Proposal to change Playground page for accelero/gyro/magneto/6DOF/9DOF (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I want to completely reoder the Playground "input" section for accelerometer, gyro, magnetometer, 6DOF, 9DOF, 10DOF, 11DOF.

A magnetometer (compass) is for example something different than a hall sensor (locally used).
The section "Motion" could be used for accelerometers and so, but can not include GPS.
There is no section to add combined sensors (for example, the MPU-6050 is an accelerometer + gyroscope + temperature sensor in a single chip) or boards for 6DOF, 9DOF, etc.

I want to propose this:

  • Change "Location" into "Location (navigation)" [DONE]. Add "GPS" under the "Location" in the index [DONE].

  • Add two sub-sections to "Magnetic" : "Hall sensor" and "Magnetometer (compass)" [DONE].

  • Enlarge the "Motion" in the index header with subsections for "Accelerometer" and "Gyro" [DONE].

  • Add "Degrees Of Freedom (combined sensors, 6DOF, 9DOF, etc.)" [DONE]. Every combination of sensors is moved to this section [DONE]. With a short header that links to magnetormeter, accelerometer, GPS, pressure sensor, etc [DONE].

  • Add a line to each section of magneto/accel/gps/baromic: "For a combination of this sensor with other sensors, see "Degrees Of Freedom [DONE]".

  • Remove "Position Sensing [DONE]". The two items can be moved to the "Motion" section [DONE]. The 'tilt sensor' is an accelerometer anyway.

  • Change "Pressure Sensors" into "Pressure Sensors (air, fluid, baromic)" [DONE].

As an alternative, the "Motion" could be removed and the "Accelerometer" and "Gyro" could have their own section.

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