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Can I define a constant variable with two hex values?

#define PARAM_1 0x01 0x09
#define PARAM_2 0x09 0x05


And then

will that print 0x01 0x09 to the target ?

Then I want to name them for display on LCD - but for that I want an array:
names[PARAM_1] = 'My Disp Text';
names[PARAM_2] = 'My Next Text';
(I'd like to look at the array with the hex constant to find the name) - as names[0x01 0x09] - I know that's not going to work..) -

Any thoughts on the array?


#define is just a simple text-replace macro.

This code:
Code: [Select]

#define something 0x01
void loop() {

Is equivilant to:
Code: [Select]

void loop() {

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