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Hi, all.
I just ordered one of these for a project that I am working on.  It is way over kill for this project but it looks like a fun little board to play with for future stuff also,  Might as well learn this rather then something to simple for the future.  Now for a few quick questions

I have already installed and even written a small learning app.  I see how the IDE has a compile and upload capability.  But when I am done with this project and want to use it,  There is obviously a way or 2 to load a project into the uno and run it.  My first choice would be to have it run on powerup.  My second choice would be to have the PC (windows 7) upload and run the project via usb on boot.  Which is recommened and how to do you do it.    I did not see anytools to load a firmware image on boot.  it appeared that there was a way to program it with a separate device or something but it almost seemed like that was not recommended because of the complexity if you need to update it at a later date.

If there is a way to loda my program into the EEprom and have it run from there automatically on powerup- until the next codeset updates the EEprom that would be ideal.


PS.  Sorry if these are stupic questions,  I looked around and did not see or understand if I did see answers to this.


I assume you mean "sketch" when you say "app" or "firmware."

A sketch is what you write in the provided IDE and upload to the Arduino through USB. When you upload a sketch, the Arduino stores the program data and it is started again when you power it up, even from external sources; you don't need a computer to run it, just to upload it.


The loaded sketch you wrote and uploaded stays there and it runs when the board is powered up.  It is only changed when you overwrite it.  It need never see a computer again once you've uploaded it.


If you download your program via the USB/Serial port, there is a slight delay after power up while the bootloader checks to see if another program will be downloaded, and if not, your program is started.

If you acquire another tool, such as this
than you can download your program via the ICSP header and it will start immediately on power up.
You will have to download the bootloader again if you then want to go back to using the serial port.

The code will not run from EEPROM, that is there for the running program to store things, that the running program can access again after a reset/powerloss or some other time in the future.

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So I upload my program (sketch),  It is stored in the EEprom obviously.  Then I can forget about it :)  that is awesome.

I planned on doing some Real time stuff.  Thus I was going to use the MsTimer.  I saw something that made it look like it may not work unless there is AVR( what is that) arcitecture.  I guess to simplyfy the queston.  Is that going to work on a stock UNO unit with out anything else being done?

I will have use for PC <-> Uno communiations but that looks simple with the serial.print features


PS. this thing looks so cool thinking of other uses for it already.  Hobbies include RC vehicles of all types....
Maybe somehow implement a good home security system :)


It is stored in the EEprom obviously

No, it's stored in the Flash memory. Code can't run from the eeprom.

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