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hi i am new to using the arduino.  i am also a competitive shooter and i reload my own ammo (lots of it)  the most tedious task in reloading is sorting all the range brass by size and brand.  the size part is pretty easy they make sieves for that however sorting by brand requires looking at the headstamp of every case and sorting it that way.  i know they use this sort of process in industry for sorting out rejects and the like. i wanted to know what this process is called (i cant seem to find any information on it) and what i would need to implement it for my purposes.


i wanted to know what this process is called

Machine Vision
Image Processing

and what i would need to implement it for my purposes.

Well not an arduino that is for sure.
It is quite a complex task, you need a good processor and a camera and a language to implement it in. Then a lot of code or a library.



Hi voices,

Do you have a sample image or two of what you expect the computer to sort?
I was wondering if this could be done using neural networking though I suspect the project will be beyond an arduino.
I might seem like an idiot but remember it takes one to know one.
Forum user generally fall into three categories (the good, the bad & the a**hole) what category do you fit in?


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