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Hello guys,
It's Himanshu from Jaipur (Rajasthan),
I am a MCA student and a programmer (Java and C family).
I am a newbie for arduino, and want to learn and use all of this techniques.
I am researching and developing on a new AI program for automation of everyday life, and i know Arduino is best for this purpose.
as finally it's in India, now i can go out of my PC and test all of this in real world.
Thanks :)


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Hi! guys I'm Ufoguy. I love arduino as a hobby. I haven't made anything unique with it yet. I may in the future.
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Hello Everyone...
I'm Prakash from Chennai... I work at Simple Labs

Simply Love Arduino...

Have been into everything around Arduino for the last 4 years... Training, Projects, Prototypes, Distribution...

If you are in chennai, feel free to drop into our office [Beware, its a freaky place!] :)

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i am raghv
i am a student in indore, mp and i recently went to 11th standard
in summers i took a part time job(for fun) at technido, one of the affiliates of kits n spares
i am following arduino for 1 year and i have worked on many different projects(it was a part of the job)


Hi All,

Good to See A Great Indian Support Here. Myself Mandeesh Singh, I'm a Freelance Embedded Systems Developer and Trainer Based in New Delhi.
Finally I moved on to Arduino after 8051 and PIC. We as a team work on Developing Embedded Systems Products / Projects and Provide Industrial Embedded Solutions based on 8051 / AVR / PIC / ARM7. And I'm really astounded  :smiley-surprise: to see and experience the capabilities of Arduino and will definitely use and share it with all. Share and Grow . . :)

Cheeeers :)  . .

Mandeesh Singh
FB : https://www.facebook.com/mandeeshs
Linkedin : Mandeesh Singh http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mandeesh-singh/1a/38a/943
E-mail : mandeeshc@gmail.com / info@bm-es.com
Mobile : +91-7838079707
Mandeesh Singh

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