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David Cuartielles


India is a pretty large country. It would be nice if you posted here a brief introduction to yourself, which school you are attending, where you are located, etc.

In this way we will keep a single entry point for everyone in India, making it easier for everyone to find like-minded people in your vicinity.




This is Ram, From Tenet Technetronics India. I work as a Technical Evangelist at Tenet . Tenet Technetronics provides OEM/ODM services and most of our POCs are realized on an Arduino platform. Be it a simple control system or a complex logic arduino really simplifies things to test out things and as always you could improve things and move them to production once u have the design working !

If you are one interested in seeing how Arduinos could be used apart from only art and simple controls please feel free to visit us and we would be more than happy to open up the black boxes of designs where a neat little Arduino UNO/MEGA rests and does the job !

Tenet Technetronics,
Technical Evangelist/Writer,
Tenet Technetronics,
Bangalore, India



Jobin here, I design and make machines, robots and controller boards. I am located at Bangalore.
Happy to see a forum for India, and hope this effort will bring the community closer !!



Hello! :)

IRC Nick and twitter handle - beachbrake. An electronics enthusiast and Arduino representative in India. I can answer questions regarding basic interface with all the arduino boards and sourcing of electronics component hardware in India. I operate out of New Delhi and Bangalore depending upon work requirements.

- Priya


Hi this is Karthik from Chennai, A wannabe geek - Did a hacky wacky project using Arduino with weather sensors and a GSM module. Currently into Java Development and a lot of other side projects in various languages, would love to be a part and contribute to the Arduino community.

my Nick : yeskarthik

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