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Let me say, this story began more than 10 years ago, and ever since then, Good Luck getting that past the TSA has been a given in my travels. I mean a lot of troubles come from Transportation Security Administration dudes, which revealed security failures at dozens of the nation's busiest airports, including when (I do not know why?!?!?!?) TSA agents at the Burlington International Airport in Vermont stopped former James Bond actor Pierce.

So, you can understand why I call it "Alice project", they seem Umbrella agents, even if they are right: too insanely handicraft, with no cost analysis, no industrial process analysis, just do something cool, just do it, ten years ago I wanted to put my hands on G4 but I had no money to buy one, so I tried to hack my second hand PowerBook G3. It was in 2005, gentoo/PPC was a young child. I had a teacher in my university that helped me a lot with the design and thermal simulations, he was extremely good in CAD, and the CAM process was free because done inside the campus: we used the equipment of a laboratory in our free time.

We replaced the original PPC750 CPU with a PPC7410 (both soldered), improved the heat shield, and increased the clock from 400 to 600 Mhz. Arduino Nano is used as fan controller.

Definitely not brilliant, the result is decent enough to work fine, no doubt limited by the poor technology we used for the heat sink: we didn't use super heat-pipes (every modern laptop uses them), we just redesigned the previous heatsink and switched from aluminum to copper, and adding more copper and more "exchange surface". We didn't get the thermal resistance reduced by the magnitude that a super heat-pipe can offer, so it's not efficient, but it works!

Please do not laugh too much (it's difficult, I know) about the little fan-cooler installed, It's funny, it's madness, but I can assure it's useful. Oh, and note the power on button, it has been installed under the little white apple in the top center of the screen border, you just need to touch it to switch the machine on.

Recently Alice got her feet, but I still have to find a way to attach them.

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