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My UNO works just fine with the skylab GPS chip

serial is normal and the up load is normal -- at 9600 b

but all the megas (genuine and 'china') are extremely slow even when the computer says the device is working properly at 9600



this is is weird

I ended up setting my computer to a previous working version

now all the megas are working 'genuine' and the 5 'china' versions

I am not sure what happened but they all work now so I am happy

maybe a driver got corrupted -- dunno


I've Never had issues like that, perhaps because at the first sign of trouble I save anything important and delete the directory that contains my "Corrupted" files and Re-install the program (s) affected.  IMO

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I is actually the first time I have had 'issues' with the arduinos (well ok I forgot to change the board type once or twice  ;)

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