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Hey guys.
In trying to get my servo to move more delicately and so I've been trying to get it to to respond to microseconds.
It does, but in an accumulative fashion: I mean that not every microsecond pushes it a bit and the same "steps" of movements remain.
I guess this is due to the gears, right?
If so - my question than is how can I tell what is the resolution of my servo (Power HD 6001HB, and no, the manufacturer does not provide this info) - and more importantly, how can I create/get a servo that will respond in a more precise manner to the microsecond command?



Put a long stick on the end of the servo, 10cm would be fine. Measure how much it moves for different signals. Work out the angles.

Digital servos are more expensive and more precise.

Duane B



Hey Duane, thanks.
Seems weird that you buy a servo and than use a stick to measure its resolution.
It's like buying TV and using a magnifying glass to count the pixels.

What about the other issues I've raised? Any thoughts?


You can make a seup like below using a bamboo skewer so you can detect incremental movements of the servo. I found that a standard servo is capable of ~426 discrete movements in its ~190 deg rotation range. Servos have an internal dead band which can limit resolution. I found that ~5us is pretty mich the lower us resolution limit.

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