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Open source is used, but often a large company has a large base of code that is just to big to migrate. Recently read an article about CoBoL. The large banking companies have a HUGE inventory of CoBoL programs that are still in everyday use. They need people to maintain those programs, because those programs work, are reliable and to migrate over to a newer/different language would entail a HUGE cost and possibly introduce errors that have already been taken care of in the existing code base. New projects are written in newer languages but that takes time.

An example of open source - Android. Oracle either tried to limit the ability of Android to remain open source, or lost that case on purpose (why else hire Bois & Schiller). Look at http://source.android.com/.

Many companies are using Linux boxes as file servers, web servers, mail servers, ftp servers. There are a number of Linux based boxes that can be bought and hooked to the network that handle these functions and they are all based on Linux. Our firewall here is a Linux based design.

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