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just that i dropped connecting the 5V and GND because the receiver gets ground and power from the "main car circuit" :P

This makes it sound like you did not connect GND from arduino to the GND of the receiver to the GND of the "main car circuit".
If so; you have to have garbage in your readings.

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PS at the risk of getting flamed: GND is the same as -
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yea i know my english sucks and i had no idea what to do when i originaly posted lol, now that i got some more information and so on i can explain better :)

i got the receiver and hooked it up like so: www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/348 just that mine gets power from a battery therefore i did not connect GND(-) to the arduino and not the 5v either, and then someone told me to hook up GND but i need to know how to check whats GND and so on ? :P


Gnd is, appropriately enough, labelled as Gnd on the Arduino.

In the Fritzing image in that Sparkfun, it is the black wire between the Arduino and receiver.

Arduino needs to have a common ground with any device it is interfacing with.


yes i know :P but idk what is GND on my receiver, did u take a look at my images ?


See where the black wire in that image is going?  If it's connected to Gnd on the Arduino side, what do you think it's probably connected to on the receiver side?

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