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Author Topic: How to link two pins across the board?  (Read 435 times)
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Hey, This is my first post/ project.

I have just got my hands on an uno board R3 and am looking to use it to control my LED message board.

In order to do this I plan on using the uno to emulate the keyboard of the device. After looking at the circuitry I have worked out that in order to emulate a key press I have to link one of the 8 pins on one side to one of the 7 pins on the other.

E.g A= pin8 and pin15, B= pin8 and pin 14, 3= pin3 and pin10, ect......

So I want to develop it so that pressing the 'A' key on my laptop sends the signal for the Arduino to connect pins 8 and 15.

Is this possible, it seems like it should be, and how do I go about this?

Thanks very much. smiley

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If this thing is TTL level (5V), you could emulate the response of the button matrix. Probably the 7 pins are set to high one after the other, checking the other 8 pins for a signal. Make the 7 pins inputs on the Arduino and the 8 pins outputs. Wait for right input to be activated (let's say pin smiley-cool and put the corresponding output to high (pin 15 for an A).

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