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  All the things you list are can be done with Arduino, finding the actuator you need can be a challenge without your parts in hand.

I am interested in the idea, so I spent some time searching. Is there anything on this page helpful? http://www.drakecontrols.com/Woodward-Engines-Diesel-Actuators


With such a small throw would an RC servo with, say, a 100mm connecting rod provide enough linearity of control for the job? 


i need lateral movement from an actuator with position control.  rotary stepper motors and servos will not be easy enough to work with in my opinion. 

this pq12 seems to be exactly what i have been looking for.  I have some more research to do on the original manual control valve for modification.  the only thing that worries me is the force capable and the force necessary. 

My next question is a cheap pressure sensor capable of up to 100 psi for less than or near $100.  Do the exist?  I have been thinking of raping a digital tire pressure gauge from an auto parts store to keep the cost down.  the only problem is if it will be reliable and responsive enough to satisfy my needs. 


I have used these and they work well.


SSI have a range with different outputs, thread sizes etc.


well it seems i have all the information i need for now except which arduino i should use to run this?  any ideas???

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