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Author Topic: I misordered some Maxim Samples, wanna trade?  (Read 498 times)
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Hey Guys,

I just joined the forum today for this specific post, I enjoy the arduino and thought you guys would benefit best from a simple trade.

I misordered some maxim components and instead of the PDIP packages I wanted, I got the TSSOP & SOIC versions of the below chips.

I have the following to trade:

2x DS1305E+ :: Serial Alarm Real-Time Clock :: Datasheet & Info:
2x MAX7219CWG+ :: Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit, LED Display Drivers ::  Datasheet & Info
2x MAX7221CWG+ :: Serially Interfaced, 8-Digit, LED Display Drivers ::  Datasheet & Info

I'd be willing to swap them for some LED's (any sort), switches, sensors, potentiometers or anything interesting that I can have fun with or leave in the hobby box for another day.

I live in the UK, but have no issues mailing overseas.

Message me or reply to this topic with any offer you have, honestly I have no use for these (due to lack of soldering skill for these types of components) so i hope someone will!

Thank you all!


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So get a couple SMD to DIP adapters, am sure you can find someone local that can solder up for you.
Try Spycatcher here in the forum.

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