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so i have an arduino pro mini 3.3 V and i bought https://www.adafruit.com/products/254

i wired everything good... i tested one old card which is 2gb and it did not work..i put my cellphone 32 gb card and it worked initialize and read all the files...

I bought a new card because i am not going to use my cellphone card...it was a patriot class 4 8gb Microsd HC...

it did not work .. so i starting tweaking the formating of the card and i got it to initialize but it did not recognized the Fat16/32...

SO... i tested again my cellphone card...

and same problem it was not detecting fat 16 and 32 error...

i have changed the speed of the spi to FULL and HALF and it is not working..

i have tried putting the CS pin10 on high after assigning the pin to write and it is not making a diference either..

i wonder if there is a list of cards that are compatible with arduino..

could you help me out here please..

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How did you format the card?

The best way is to use SD Formatter https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/.

You can also use the SdFormatter sketch in the SdFat examples folder http://code.google.com/p/sdfatlib/downloads/list.

If you use Mac, Linux, or Windows OS utilities you may format the SD with a GUID Partition Table (GPT).  These OSes and many phones work with GPT but it is not a valid standard SD format.  Only MBR partition tables are recognized by SD.h and SdFat.



i will try to format it with the scketcht and let you know..
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Now i can confirm that the MicroSD card breakout board..from adafruit does not work with arduino pro mini 3.3v at 8 mhz...

just conected the breakout board to an arduino UNO  and it worked...

any ideas why it would not work in the promini... maybe because the board has a lvl shifter to convert 5 v to 3.3?
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is now working... just make sure to power it properly
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