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this is my pi on my hand.

no leprechauns.

great, your one of the 10,000 lottery winners in a very limited section of the world, but just like the lottery, I wouldn't bank my life on it. They haven't even offered to sell it outside of its few select markets, and even in its few select markets there's a least a years worth of back-orders at the moment.

on a more positive note, I got news today from NXP reps that they are starting to offer "Cortex Zero" 32 bit chips in 28 to 40 pin dip packages with a minimum of 1k of SRAM, no news on where its going to top out, but if you could get a 32 bit chip in a 28 pin package with 2k of ram for about the same price as ATMEL is on their 8 bitters then, you could have something interesting in between



I was not one of the initial 10.000 - I just got it last week. And I am in mainland europe where they initially where not allowed to ship to, due to some legal reasons I do not understand.


this is my pi on my hand.

no leprechauns.

No leprechauns here either.

I've got two, one in each hand :-) I ordered from both suppliers and was lucky enough to get one one from the original 10K and a second from the second batch.

Someone is already porting wiring to the RPi, check out https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/ so we may get an Arduino like setup on the RPi.

You can run Arduino on the RPi if you want to use one to program your Uno etc.


how about a "non-arduino" like setup? I personally would like more of a functional and less of an imperative approach than wiring/arduino offers... I think this would be a really nice chance to create something new. Also, as I said before, the raspberryPi simply is not an Arduino and will need its own solutions.

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