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Hi everyone,
I saw these great calculator tricks  :P on Youtube but now I thought can I hack it with arduino ? My calculator is a Casio fx-85ES. Basicly I want to write letters or Words on the Display of calculator. Example: When I Serial.print the number 1 the arduino writes Hello on the calculator. Is this possible? Hope you can help me.


Is this possible?

It might be possible,

does this casio FX-85ES has some IO port?

Do you have the specification of that port?

Is there some sort of programming language?

DO you have links to the youtube videos so we can see what you refering to?

can I hack it with arduino ?

Don't know, what are your programming skills ?
your hardware skills?

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I`ve got about two years of programming skills but I am still not an expert. One trick is if press "Shift" "On" and "Seven" together and the other one is the Matrix hack you can watch some vids if you just type calculator hack Matrix.  I am not so sure about the programming language and the IO ports on the calculator. Just have a look at the calculator under http://fivestarelectronics.com.pk/wp-content/uploads/calculator_fx_85es.jpg.

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