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I can do access control by barcode reader.
I do not want to use a computer.
Thank you very much.


You're very welcome. Did you have a question?


If I need to make an access control with a barcode reader, but I do not use a ornedador, is possible.?


Any barcode reader? Or do you have a specific barcode reader that you want to use?


I have none, you could buy it. but idk if you can save the barcode as a memory.


searching for "serial barcode scanner" even reveals results related to Arduino:
So as usual, the answer to "Can I do ..." is "Yes, probably somehow"


Your question is really rather vague. What do you mean by 'access control'? Physical access - a door lock, for instance? Or some other form of access control?

There are TTL-level serial barcode readers that could probably be attached to an Arduino, and valid codes could be stored, and checked against the scanned barcode. An RS232 reader could also be attached, with the use of an RS232 to TTL converter.

This question should probably be in Project Guidance, as you aren't anywhere near needing programming help yet.


Yes you can do it, there was even a sketch posted some time ago that would generate barcodes.

Barcodes wouldn't be very secure especially if you print the numbers below them. A QR code generator could be useful as there is enough pixels to store a reasonable amount of data, and if you generate them using your own modified algorithm then standard QR readers won't be able to make sense of the data.
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I assume you're talking about an ActiveX barcode control for Access?  But I don't get the part of "I do not want to use a computer."


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I assume you're talking about an ActiveX barcode control for Access?  But I don't get the part of "I do not want to use a computer."

I think the OP is trying to make a door entry system that only unlocks the door with certain barcode numbers (probably printed on a credit card sized card). We used to have them at work but they were a PITA to keep taking out of the holder and swiping through a reader. We now use RFID so no need to swipe any more.
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