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Topic: What's the advantage of powering the Lilypad with 5 instead of 3.3 V? Solved! (Read 929 times) previous topic - next topic


Hi. Have a FTDI breakout board that can be jumpered from 5 to 3.3 V which I need for my Xbees.
Now if I use it for powering my Lilypad, do I need to put it back to 5 V again?


I thought the lilypad were very happily 3.3v devices so why change it?


Is your lilipad the updated one with the battery charging controller?  If so, it will not work at 3.3v, but the ATmega328 will work fine.
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The original lilypad is 8MHz (because 16MHz is not guaranteed to work at 3.3V).  Powering it at 5V won't help that (unless you desolder the crystal/resonator), but would allow it to interface with 5V sensors/devices.  Also 5V provides more overhead for driving blue and white LEDs (3.3V is a bit close to the limit).
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