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I am building a 3 axis cnc machine. I am using Nema 23 motors. I would like to move the machine using ad arduino and the grblshield. I have searched the net and haven't been able to find any tutorials or step by step guides as to how to go about this. I am quite new at using electronics and ardunio and it would be really useful to see images and walk-throughs of how to connect the motors to the grblshield (each nema motor has 8 wires) and then to see some arduino coding that I can use to turn the motors.
I know there are many smart people on this forum whom may have done something like this before and I would appreciate the help.


Have you studied the grblShield wiki?


It looks like grbl takes over the ATmega processor in your Arduino UNO and doesn't use the Arduino bootloader so it can't be uploaded as a sketch.  You will need AVR Studio 4 and a ISP programmer to load the grbl .hex file into your ATmega328P.
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Thank you for your reply.

So I won't be able to use Arduino 1.0 software to program the motors?

Where can I download AVR Studio 4 and a ISP programmer?


AVR Studio 4

and a ISP programmer?

I don't think they've invented a way to download hardware yet, although the 3-D printers are coming pretty close.


No you can't use the Arduino IDE to program the motors. You put GRBL on the Arduino, then send motor commands from your computer to the Arduino via the USB serial port. GRBL then takes care of turning your commands into stepper motor movements.

You can, however, install GRBL without AVR studio + a programmer. See this:


Good luck!
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