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Hey all

I have bought a furuno gp-32 GPS and now I want to tap into the NMEA signal comming out of it and monitor it on my PC through my arduino and the serial monitor in arduino IDE. How would I do that?

Here is a link to the wiring of the GP-32:

What colour of wire do I put where? Do the blue (NMEA +) go into the rx of the arduino and the white (NMEA common) go into the tx? Or do I need to use other wires?

Hope someone can help me


ps. Can I run the GP-32 from my computers power supply, just connecting the + to a yellow wire in a molex connector and then the negative to one of the ground wires in the same molex connector? Easier than getting a 12v car battery.


In the wiring pdf I linked to, there is the NMEA + and NMEA - and then there are RS-232 in and RS-232 out. I have read something about the RS-232 sending out -/+12volts and connecting these directly to the arduino will damage it. But what about the NMEA + and NMEA -? Is that TTL signals comming from those wires and can those be plugged right into the RX and TX on the arduino? So blue wire (NMEA -) to TX and white wire (NMEA +) to RX on the arduino and then just read the serial inputs and display them to the serial monitor? But will is work. I will be sure, so I dont damage anything, so all the help you guys can provide I am happy for!


If I turn on the GPS and then measure what voltage is comming out of the white and blue wires, would I then be able to tell if I can plug the GPS right into the arduino? If I measure anything over 5volts I know its not TTL right?

Have I understood this right or is there another way to tell what signal is comming out of the GPS and if I can plug it into the RX,TX ports on the arduino?


If I measure anything over 5volts I know its not TTL right?

True. Any negative voltage will tell you the same thing, too.
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Maybe this is a stupid question, but how do I measure it? Do I put the voltmeter on each wire and then to ground or do I measure between the white and the blue wire?

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