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How to interface Arduino with iOS devices?
Which Arduino board should be used?


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Hi darkowlzz ,

There are two ways two think of the interaction between the Arduino and the IOS.

Option 1: A wired interface where in the IOS device is connected to the Arduino .
Solutions in the form of cables are available out there that can help do that

Option 2: Wireless connection between IOS and Arduino via a bluetooth or a wifi connection

You could think of some solutions like a Arduino UNO + serial bluetooth modems that sets up the arduino side of things or try a Arduino + a wifi shield that can provide a wifi connectivity.

Hope this helps !

Feel free to post in additional clear requirements if  you have something specific in mind.

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If you want or have an alternative of using the USB connection then you can use the USB host shield , already the library for this shield accepts or supports the nokia and android phones but if you want you can tweak the same for connection to iOS devices.

The main case with making any device work with USB Host shield is reading and determining its Descriptor's parameters that are returned to the MAX ic on the shield from the connected device, so forthis to be achieved a universal descriptor programme have been already written.
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Can you post a link to the universal descriptor program?

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