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I've been working on a project for some time now, and have reached the point where I need to extend the wiring for my photo resistors (10 in total - about 3ft of wire for each). I planning on buying 22 gauge stranded wire, as it needs to be flexible, then soldering it to the ldr at one end, and jumper wires at the other (so it can plug into to breadboard). Does this sound like a feasible plan? Should I try something else instead?

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I use pin headers for prototyping on breadboards, just solder them to the ends of the stranded wires, pop on a bit of heat shrink tube, and done.
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Ok thanks. Would my way not work? (I javen't got any of the bits you mentioned!). Also, I'm just about to buy the wire, but I'm not sure what to ask for! :-/ Could you advise me on which type of multi stranded wire I need to ask for?



Could you advise me on which type of multi stranded wire I need to ask for?

It depends on where you are going to do your shopping. At many places you have no choice. Typically is a 7/022, the first number is the number of strands and the second number is the wire gauge.

If you are pushing it into breadboard (using breadboard is bad by the way) then hold the stripped wire between finger and thumb and roll the wire in your other hand. Then apply an iron and a little solder, let the solder flow between the strands. This makes it good and solid to push in the bread board. Only apply a little solder so that you can see the strands sort of coated with solder. If you can't make out the strands for all the solder you have used too much.

Wow what a very 'un-grumpy' answer ;-) Cheers Grumpy_Mike



what a very 'un-grumpy' answer

Enjoy it while it lasts.  ;)

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