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Good moring everyone!

I have an Arduino UNO and I am trying to set up my computer.
Whenever I try to install the USB drivers in order to have COM port in my device manager, it simply fails to install. It don't recognize the drivers... so the installation doesn't start.

I read troubleshooting anf the Howto section, also from the FTDI website. But I am stuck.

I have a windows 7 64bit home ed, bootcamp of a MAcbook Pro late 2010...

So... here is my steps:

1. I downloaded the arduino software and unzipped it.
2. I connect Arduino via USB. Green Led is on. Also the yellow is on too and it starts blinking (I din't read nothing about it at this step...  :smiley-roll-sweat: )
3. As we expected, windows fails to install the drivers.
4. I go to the device manager. Here i find that there is an unknown device, and no COM ports are shown.
5. As i read in the trobleshooting, I need to install the FTDI drivers. So I RIGHT click onto the unknown device and I say to manually update the drivers.
6. I say to look into the FTDI drivers folder found in the arduino folder.
7. Fails. Installation doesn't start, it doensn't recognize the drivers.
8. I go to the FTDI website and download the lastest version of the drivers.
9. I repeat number 5, and I say to look in the FTDI folder that I have just downloaded.
10. It fails again.

End, I can't do nothing more.  :smiley-red:

Right now, I don't know what to do.
Can someone open my eyes and tell me what is happening?

I attach the screenshots...

Thank you in advance...


The Uno doesn't use the FTDI chip or drivers.  Select the top-level "drivers" folder, not the "FTDI Drivers" sub-folder, and Windows should be able to find the drivers and get the board working.


Thank you so much now it works!
Sometimes the solution it's so easy that you can't see it. eh eh  :)
Hope this post will help some one else with the same problem.

Thanks again



And thank you from me too! I had the same trouble, using Windows Vista. Your solution, choosing the Drivers folder (not the FTDI folder) did the trick!

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