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Hi all!
I am working on led displays and i'm out of RAM. i tried to use EEPROM and i saw that it is really slow...
I'm gonna use 512KB SRAM (http://www.alliancememory.com/pdf/AS6C4008.pdf) with arduino.

becouse it needs too many pins i was thinking to use shift registers for Address Inputs.

Will i loose much speed?


Why not use use SPI-accessed Serial SRAM? That will be fast.
Then you don't need all the external shift registers - they're built into the chip.
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these are F-RAM like this? http://www.ramtron.com/files/datasheets/FM25L04B-GA_ds.pdf

i am worring about SPI inteface.

is there any documentary on that?

does this tutorial works the same with FRAM?

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I calculated the speed as:

... you can read or write n bytes at the rate of (n + 3) * 3.2 microseconds.

At the rate you need to show data on LEDs that should be plenty fast enough.
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