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HI Guys,

I am a newbie and I bought the Arduino starter kit. Worked my way through the book and now want to start my own little project.

I want to turn off a light at a certain time.
So I bought a Tiny RTC shield.

Now I am at a loss, I dont know what program to use or download.

Does anyone have a tutorial/book or even guide me a little.

Thanks  :smiley-confuse:


This is what I use


The following, in a one second loop, gets a filename straight after midnight

Code: [Select]
if (hour == 0 && minute == 0 && second <2)


did the shield come with some instructions/ examples?
If not, you need to read about the Time library. It has examples on how to set and get the time.


Thank you guys for your help,
I am starting to understand it a little.
I have it running and it is telling me the time in COM monitor.

Now I want it to "make an out put high" for a second or so. At a certain time.

So I will try to find it, if not Ill get back.

Thanks again


Did a few test and it works. :)

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