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The question is simple, i have one arduino and two NRF24L01, i need to send commands from PC to arduino with use of NRF24L01 modules. In this case i need to connect one NRF24L01 to PC and other one to arduino, arduino will not connect to PC as it works on battery.
I also have USB To RS232 TTL PL2303HX Auto Converter tool which i don`t know may it help me.

Please tell me can i connect it to PC or what i need to buy as bridge between PC and NRF24L01 ?


Leon Heller

I'm designing a USB interface for the low-cost nRF24L01+ modules that are available on Ebay. Here is the schematic:

Leon Heller


Thanks for reply Leon,

I want to know the name of this module which you have created and also link to it on eBay. The scheme seems good but I can,t create it with my equipment and also with my current knowledge.

Is it possible to do it with TTL module? It has rxd txd pins can I use them with SPI?

Leon Heller

Here are some modules:

Leon Heller


It's really easy to do it with an arduino lilypad or nano on the server side.

Juste power it to the pc with an usb cable and it will works forever.

And with this way of doing you don't have to mind about TTL RS232, because you will be able to comunicate between the pc and the arduino by the usb port as an RS232.

so from you can connect the RF24 module to the pins 9,10,11,12,13 to send the information with this wireless module.

It├ęs really easy to set up this stuff.


I know that it is possible to connect PC to arduino and to NRF24L01, but i need to do this without arduino board, just NRF24L01 to PC.

Leon Heller

Look at the nRF24L01+ data sheet. You might manage it if your PC has a parallel port, but otherwise it is impossible!
Leon Heller


I've actually been working on such a project. The firmware is 98% complete and still needs testing. I targeted an ATMEGA8 but an ATMEGA168 would have been easier. Its pretty tight on the ATMEGA8 and I had to sacrifice some usability features.

The point of my project is to create an nRF24L01(P) modem. Basically you plug it in and have either a point to point or a multi-point modem. Configuration is stored in EEPROM. Its automatically restored at boot. Which means once initially configured, you can plug it into a USB port and simply start rx/tx'ing to another device, point to point.

My project, at least at this stage, is based on a CP2102 for the USB/Serial (w/RS232 signals and suspend) talking to an ATMEGA8, which in turn drives a socketed, pin compatible, nRF24L01(p) radio module. My project does use the RS232 signals provided by the CP2102.

When I get it finished, I plan to blog about it. I expect I will also provide source to the firmware.

A future version may use something like an ATMEGA168 + one of the USB libraries. But for now, I'm sticking with a CP2102 prototype.



That would be perfect to have such bridge gerg
i don`t have parallels port, but will try research to do it by serial port Leon Heller

Thank you very much for your help guys :) i appreciate it

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