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Hi good people,
I'm like a total newbie here, and I have a question I hope you can answer.

Simply put, I need to know if there has been, up to this day, a cubesat flying with an Arduino as onboard computer?

I'm not directly interested in plans for future projects (however brilliant)*, I need to convince my partner
I can come up with a µcontroller that has shown it can work in low Earth orbit.

Which other (easy-to-use) microcontrollers have been used on cubesat projects in of interest though
(because if Arduino hasn't flown yet, I'll have to come up with an alternative)

Kind regards

*I would like to know about those, sure, but it's not why I posted this :-)


Do you know the environmental specs it should be able to cope with? e.g.
- radiation
- temperature
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Googling "atmel microcontroller cubesat" brings up a lot of interesting links, but I am not sure what keywords to use to find anything that has been "flight tested"; it seems, though, that members of their product line have been flown (though perhaps not specifically the ATMega328). Have you contact Atmel about this? You likely won't find much or anything regarding using an "Arduino" for a cubesat, but rather an Atmel ATMega328 (you know, the microcontroller that is the heart of an Arduino). So you need to be sure of your search terms; in the end for such a device, you would be creating a custom standalone system (with the microcontroller, whatever you use, as one part of the overall system), and not trying to integrate a complete design like the Arduino board, simply from a weight/mass saving standpoint.
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Arduino in space -> http://arduino.cc/blog/2009/07/21/arduino-in-space/


not trying to integrate a complete design like the Arduino board, simply from a weight/mass saving standpoint

And also from a power consumption standpoint, which is probably just as important in space.

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Our team chose an Xmega.  Among the reasons were the low sleep current.

An arduino in a cubesat is unlikely, as it is a very space constrained environment, and custom PCBs are almost a must.


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