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I realize I'm somewhat new and shouldn't question the GODs but I will anyway. I have notice a certain disdain, no downright disapproval, of Chinese clone boards. I thought Arduino boards were  "open source". This should mean anyone can build and sell these boards! By lower cost, they are enabling more people to the Arduino experience and providing an enormous variety of modules(bricks) to the experimenter. I see this as GOOD! I don't understand why this attitude exists.



I don't think anybody has any problem with them as long as they don't use the arduino logo. The board is open source but the trade mark isn't.


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Yep, the problem people have with the chinese (or anywhere) boards is that some are made to look exactly like an arduino, same logo, colors, labels, etc.  They're infringing on the copyright.


Arduino explain the allowed use of the word "Arduino" on their faq: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/FAQ
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Your answer may already be here: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=384198.0


I see this as GOOD! I don't understand why this attitude exists.

Because the vast majority of cheap clones, which are not just from China, are of bad quality.  Sometimes the boards have the wrong components (FTDI chip but claiming to be a Uno), counterfeit components, don't have the bootloaders burned, don't power up, or etc.

There's nothing wrong with providing a less expensive, quality, product. The problem is that the cheap clones aren't quality.  It doesnt take long to notice the pattern that the clone boards the primary source of unexplainable problems.  That is NOT good, especially for new users.
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my recent experience with one was

3 weeks to show up, rotten crystal

no problem dude says after 3 days, just mail it back

for a cost of just about the same that I bought the board for, then I would get a rebate after they deemed it their fault (ha ha)

I ended up buying new parts off of digikey and fixing it myself, which STILL cost me more than the real deal

so cause I got a "deal" it would have cost me 2x as much, and over 2 months waiting. If I spent the extra 15 bucks at radio shack I could have resolved the issue the following day on the way to work.

if nothing is wrong fine, but honestly the build quality and the absolute zero quality parts make it a gamble not worth my effin time.



   I am expecting the same type of experience with my standalone boards as some of the parts are generic chinese parts sourced locally in Dubai. I might be getting away with it so far because its the more tolerant components like the regulator and caps that are sourced locally, time will tell.

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