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Here is the code: http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FY1/Z49M/GH89ZZ95/FY1Z49MGH89ZZ95.tmp?utm_source=pdf&utm_campaign=files.

What does     #include <NewSoftSerial.h>    mean in this code???
This is for an RFID reader. I am using an arduino uno.


It includes a file for compilation
NewSoftSerial.h is the name of the library file.
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It's a directive which instructs the compiler to insert the contents of NewSoftSerial.h into your source at that point before trying to compile it. It's the normal way to deal with 'C' programs that are split across multiple files. In this case, the file being included contains the declarations for the NewSoftSerial library so that they are available for you to use in your sketch.


Isn't the "old" NewSoftSerial now included in 1.0 as SoftSerial?

Make sure you have libraries that match the version IDE you are using.

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Isn't the "old" NewSoftSerial now included in 1.0 as SoftSerial?

It is now called SoftwareSerial.
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