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If you still want to add voice recognition to you home automation project, I suggest you check this out:



For my set-up, I have an Arduino with Ethernet connected to another atmega chip w/ a HopeRF transceiver acting as a base station. The lights have a small custom board with an ATTiny84, transceiver and a latching relay. After the initial base station cost, it's about $10-15 per node. The latching relay is double pole, so I use that to determine the status. That's been the cheapest I can get it without running wires.

Could you share your schematic?


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Could you share your schematic?

I ditched the latching relay and went with a standard one, but here's the schematic for the receiving device. It's actually broken into a main board and relay shield, but here is the schematic for them combined:

*Edit: First picture had incorrect wiring to the relay; fixed.
*Edit2: There is also a missing flyback diode that I'm too lazy to go back and fix


Hello. I have developed a home automation system that let us to use any switch as a commutator, and know the state of the equipment connected to it. About the equipment, it can be lights, it can be air conditioning, it can be motorized blinds... everything with minus than 16 A.

I have a thread in spanish where I have published the schematic of the board that I designed to do it, and it works perfectly with Arduino. The communication is through Xbee. Later I have designed my own control and power boards based on the previous prototipes and 100% compatibles with the Arduino platform, but with a transfo and communication module integrated in the control board.

Now I am starting to sell my solution.

You can check all the information about my home automation system at the following Arduino forum: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,92963.0.html

You also have english explanations at my web page (it has english section): www.functiodomo.com

I will follow this thread and I will try to collaborate.
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Hello everyone;
Home Automation Lighting is exactly what i am gonna do. In my project we can control lights using computer via internet(I think with arduino web server). Also control with my android phone. I want to make an android application for this.
But i am not sure which arduiono is fit to my project. I think 'Arduino Mega ADK' and 'Arduino Ethernet Shield w/o PoE R3' is enough for me. I dont know this things is compatible for each other. I am new with arduino. I dont wanna buy wrong things. Please help me to choose and give me hint for good starting.
Best regards...

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