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Surprisingly there is not a lot of information about controlling your house lighting with arduino.  My goal it to control my house lighting with my arduino and have the manual switches still work.  I also want to know the status of the lights.  I am having some serious trouble figuring out how to do this.  My first thought is it might have to be wireless because there are a few light switches and having a board at each switch does not sound efficient.  Dose any one have any ideas or experience to help me get started?


I've looked into this a bit, but everything turns out to be quite expensive.  I want to use wireless to avoid messing up the walls, but everything seems to cost too much.  Haven't given up, but haven't found a solution either.  X10 (I have a few of those) is just too darn unreliable.
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I am using my arduino to control my lights via Domotic home on the cheap... c eck out my blog if your interested in finding out more... I am going to build my house soon and will be looks ng at something like MQTTand what john has used over at http://www.superhouse.tv/episode

I am using rc-switch and cheap 315mhz to control my.lights... I don't get the status of the lights just yet but I'm working on that at the momdnt .




For my set-up, I have an Arduino with Ethernet connected to another atmega chip w/ a HopeRF transceiver acting as a base station. The lights have a small custom board with an ATTiny84, transceiver and a latching relay. After the initial base station cost, it's about $10-15 per node. The latching relay is double pole, so I use that to determine the status. That's been the cheapest I can get it without running wires.


The double pole latching relay is a really good idea.  I've just been sampling the state of the output pin, which tells me what I told it to do, but not the actual result.
Trying to keep my house under control http://www.desert-home.com/

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