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The "Vibration Amplitude" is only 0.8 G for the 310-101. That's not a lot.

For a diameter of 12mm, there are motors with 1.7G: http://www.precisionmicrodrives.com/vibrating-vibrator-vibration-motors/pancake-shaftless-coin-vibration-motors

You could search for "pager motor" or "coin vibration motor" or "vibrating motor", but somehow I always end up with precisionmicrodrives.com.


maybe a salvaged mobile phone vibrator?


Some people cannibalise old toys to find them

There are vibrating 'toys' with a small motor inside them, much admired by some females  ;). From what I've seen of them, the motor cannot be any larger than 1" in diameter and I believe they run off of 3 volts. I'm told they give a very noticable vibration :)

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