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Hello All. What's a good solution for multiple (16-20) pin female plug to connect to a male header? A solution I can presently think of is to solder wires to a female header but that sounds kinda ugly given the length of the pin to solder to. I'd prefer something with crimp contacts that slide and lock into a shell. I could break up the connections to multiple plugs if a 16-20 pin connector is not readily available. I've been searching on ebay but haven't seen anything really practical. What do you guys use? - Scotty



This sort of thing, you mean? I believe you can get wider ones, I'm sure I've seen them somewhere.


what you want is a dupont connector.

search ebay for 20 pin dupont.
make sure to buy the pins



BulletMagnet83 - Sorta. What I want are the jumper ends.

doughboy - Perfect Sir!

Thanks to you both for responding. - Scotty


Thanks doughboy, I had no idea what the name was and I'm gonna need to get some more myself soon! So your reply helped me out too :)


What I use are the crimp connector housings from pololu.com with appropriately terminated wires (male or female).
They work great.

All kinds of sizes available, make up whatever kind of breakouts you need.

I keep a mix of parts on hand all the time - housings, wires, bare pins if I need something special.
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