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ive got a project in mind that requires an unusual pot, im after a pot for a front panel that has a monetary push switch on it, so when you turn it then push to make the switch, dont soppose anybody knows where to get one or what they are called? im in the uk

thank you


You can get rotary encoders with a push switch built in. Search Farnell for them.


found one, thank you


Just note that a rotary encoder is -not- the same as a potentiometer; though you are likely to find such a momentary pushbutton control on an encoder than a potentiometer. I do know that, at one time at least, there were manufactured potentiometers with momentary push-button control; you'd find them on car radios, mostly - where the pot was typically used for volume/tone/balance control, and the push-button was to change stations (auto-scan), or to turn the radio on/off. Fairly quickly though, they were superseded by regular digital controls (button and such), and/or rotary encoders. So it might be difficult, or impossible, to find anymore (and most likely, if you were able to find them, they would likely be something on the surplus market).
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You can get pots with built in buttons from most of the usual sources like Farnell, even Maplin have some - http://www.maplin.co.uk/standard-potentiometers-with-switch-2208


Pots with integrated switches are normally designed as DPST ON/OFF switches (IE,. the switch engages/disengages when the full counter clockwise position is achieved)

I believe that the OP wants a PUSH-IN to MARK (SPST) switch... which is the common solution with car radios using roatary encoders.  These encoders are often used to drive a DIGIPOT.  Some digipot IC's, like the AD5220,  can easily be integrated with a rotary encoder without a "controller".

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