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Brian Neltner

Does anyone know if there exists a version of the arduino leonardo eagle files that is compatible with Eagle 5.10? I am running linux, and Eagle 6+ does not work yet for us =(

I can see the pdf schematic, but it seems... wrong. For one thing, it has multiple atmel chips in the schematic, which I definitely don't see in the photographs. I'd rather not have to reverse engineer it just to play with the board design!


The PDF should be the same as the Eagle files.  The two ATmel chips are different footprints for the same chip, so either can be used depending on availability. 

Brian Neltner

Thanks, that makes much more sense.

Can you speak to eagle version compatibility for the eagle boards?

I can try to install eagle 6.2 in a virtual machine or something, but it would be really nice if it were compatible with eagle 5 since that's what I have a professional license for.


Can't you carry that license forward into the later versions of eagle?
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Brian Neltner

Not without purchasing an upgrade (that I don't need otherwise).

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