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Hello all!

So I'm continuously working on my robot, and wanted to see if this was possible / feasible. I'm running an Arduino Mega, with all of my PWM outputs taken by the servos, so that's my only restriction.

I want to find a module or device that I can add on, which will allow simple voice recognition, maybe a dozen phrases at most (pre-programmed, like "Come here", "Stop", "Assimilate", etc.) that I can have it respond to.

Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of kits? I'm hoping to find something I can just add onto the robot, and hopefully something light (the robot is a hexapod, so weight is a premium). Also, hopefully something that's easy to code. I'm ok with programming my robot now, but I'm more of a mechanical personal than software (for now).

Many thanks!

Also, I'm throwing in a picture of my bot-in-progress, sitting in its gantry (I use this to make it easier to work on and keep it from walking off on me when coding walking gaits).

Oh one other thing, how difficult would it be to add a pair of microphones, so that the robot can basically have "stereo" hearing to find the location of the speaker? Thanks!


EasyVR Shield, available from sparkfun: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10963
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Unfortunately I'm using the arduino mega, so I don't think that would work. Maybe if I re-wire all the pins, so it doesn't act like a shield anymore...


The EasyVR module on the EasyVR Shield uses a serial connection.  You can get the module alone:

http://www.epictinker.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=VAR-01770  $38
http://www.robotshop.com/vrbot-voice-recognition-module-for-robonova-and-other-robots.html?utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&utm_campaign=jos $50

Just hook it to one of the serial ports on the Mega.
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Awesome, many thanks. Also, never heard of epictinker, but they have the chip for 20% off of the price of robotshop, so many thanks for that as well!


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Since you have serial ports available, you could add advanced voice recognition features by using BitVoicer (http://www.bitsophia.com/BitVoicer.aspx). Looking at your bot, I believe you could do amazing things if you add advanced voice recognition features to it. Also, it would be quite easy to stablish communication between your robot and BitVoicer.

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