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You cannot use these modules as they are. They depend on the Linux kernel header files and APIs and the way they access the hardware is different. It may be feasible to port some parts of joy-sidewinder.c to the Arduino. Or at least you can use is as a template or reference for your own implementation.


I think you have everything you need to get started; what you'll want to do figure out which pins of the game port correspond to the "button pins", and there is probably power and ground needed. One of those pins is for the clock, as the info you found suggested, and the other three for data. You'll want to look thru the source code you found to see if you can find the "triplet decoder" functionality - or, you can try writing your own up, based on the information you already have. You'll probably want to use direct port access along with a pin-change interrupt on the arduino to detect the falling edge of the clock pin, then read the other three pins at the same time, then stuffing all of this into a small 66 bit buffer...
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Have you gotten the arduino code to decode it yet? I'm in the exact same situation as you. I'm 100% clueless. If you have the code could you please post it?


I notice much of the talk and referenced links centers around the joystick "buttons". Is the stick itself attached to the usual type pots, or to some analog multiplexing setup?
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