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It's funny you bring up Laser Tag and nostalgia as I happen to have a couple of the black guns around the house here somewhere.  I just have to tear the place apart to find them.  They are in the garage somewhere.....

Thanks for the help!  Gave me more reading to do.


also keep in mind that a laser has pin-point (or, pencil eraser point) precision, and a light sensor is quite small (well, depending on the light sensor i guess), so if you wanted this to be a sniper-style shooting gallery, that would be a good choice.  however, if you want it to be a more "in the vicinity of the target", IR would work a bit better if you can focus the IR light enough to end up being the diameter of a tin can within the "sweet spot / sweet range".

and just like that How Stuff Works podcast mentions, treat the guns as targets like a Television remote control system.  Each gun has a unique IR code/sequence to differentiate each player/gun from one another.

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