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YES>>>YES>>>>YES>>>> Thanks a lot !!
Seems to at least compile basic blink sketch this time out of the box...
But as soon as i included a Liquidcrystal library says its not declared ?!? I posted on your forum, by the way ...
The simulator will be a top add on no doubt !!
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I downloaded and installed CodeBlocks-Arduino-20120525.7z from Sourceforge, but I could not get it to load a sketch. If I used File->Open it started the Arduino IDE and opened the sketch there . If I tried File->Import there is no Arduino sketch option. Is there some setup I need to do, or do you need to start the sketch in Codeblocks? Tools->Ardlibrary caused an error message. Settings->Environment->File extension handling listed .pde under registered wildcards, whatever that means.
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You need to use code blocks as an editor, if tha is what you means... It opens a default example ( the blinky) sketch , so it shows you a basic example. so just replace the code with what you want... Mind you, that the basic libraries might need to be defined if you wanna use them ( like liquid crystal, etc).
Just create new project, arduino and then follow the instructions of the wizard...

PS- Once again thanks for the brilliant work in this...Has brought me much closer to a better knowledge of all the intricacies of it all !
10 LET Loop=Infinite
20 GO TO 10


How does it handle non-Arduino chips, like the ATMega324/644/1284 family of parts?
Can it do two serial interfaces at one time?
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