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I attempted to make an LED chaser with pins 1-7.

I have them switching with a for-loop, with the counter choosing the pin to light up.

for(count = 0; count<=7; count++){...

You get the idea.

Strangely a few of the pins seem rather weak! They barely light up the LED. So it appears to skip an LED in sequence.

I was wondering what might cause this? I'm still quite new to Arduino.


Don't use pins 0 & 1 there are fore the serial port.
All the pins you do use must be declaired as outputs in setup using pinMode
Use resistors with each LED.


Thanks. I was a little skeptical about those first two pins.

All the pins share a resister before they go to ground - no two are lit up at the same time.



All the pins share a resister before they go to ground

As long as no two are one that is fine. If more then one is on then the brightness will change the more are on.


Not to go off-topic, but where can I find a guide to all the pins of the microcontroller?

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