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Hello, today is first day playing with a Leonardo. I am having the error shown in picture.
I did search a lot on forums and follow the instructions there. Tried auto and manual driver install also. Tried rebooting, redownloading, reseting, reunzipping etc. Tried changing the port to com=>5. I just can't make it work. Pleaaase help.


Just got my Arduino Leonardo today from element14. and after connecting to my mac (running mac OS and windows7 OS), found out that i have the same problem with you guys. my Leonardo VID is not the same as the VID in leonardo inf file from Arduino 1.5. here is the screenshot of the 2 device the came out in my devmanager when i connect Leonardo:

and as expected i wont be able to install the driver completely.

but after some editing on the inf file, and updated the leonardo driver, the driver installed completely, uploaded blinking sketch,and  blink the led without problem. (im not really sure though if it's really ok now, since i have a diff problem on serialevent sketch. XD XD XD )

here are the changes made:
right inf file is the original inf file from Arduino 1.5. VID is not the same as my Leonardo VID
left inf file is the edited inf file. i just change the VID and made it the same as my Leonardo VID

and after updating the driver of my Leonardo, driver installed successfully.
but still, am having problem with SerialEvent  sketch on Leonardo.  XD XD XD


I concur I'm on a MBPro-Retina and I had to change the PID value in in the arduino.inf file to get my driver to install.
Thank you so much for the information!!



I have a problem to install the device for arduino leonardo for W 7


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@villTech -- Thank you for posting what you discovered. That was the final clue to finally fix this. I spent too many hours trying to sort this out too.

I am running Win7 Ultimate 64, in a VM, on a MBP, but I doubt that has much to do with the actual problem or solution. I think the problem is a typo in the .inf file.

I changed three instances for the Arduino Micro in the .inf file and that solved my problem. In each case there was a mixed entry of VID/PID's mixing up an "8037" and "0037". Once they were all corrected to the "8037" as identified by Win7 as the VID/PID for the official Arduino Micro (all mine are from Adafruit), everything worked as expected.

My fixed .inf required changes to correct the VID/PID to "8037" in these three places:

Code: [Select]
%micro.bootloader.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037
%micro.sketch.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037&MI_00

%micro.bootloader.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037
%micro.sketch.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037&MI_00

%micro.bootloader.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037
%micro.sketch.name%=DriverInstall, USB\VID_2341&PID_8037&MI_00

Obviously this has been around as a problem for a while. This issue has been discussed, but not solved in many threads and posts:

Does anyone know where to "officially" submit request to fix the typo in the .inf file?



After a little sleep… I'm not 100% certain this is the solution to the underlying problem. My Micro's work now, but looking at the .inf, clearly the VID/PID combinations do not need to be the same, and I don't really understand what they are doing. Perhaps this is just another breadcrumb on the trail to an actual fix for both the Micro and Leonardo.


P.S. I posted the same thing over on the Adafruit forum, since I thought they might be the owners of the .inf file.


you´re a genius!

Thanks to your help I was able to solve this. I Also found this remark in the Arduino Loenardo.inf:

;  Vendor and Product ID Definitions
; When developing your USB device, the VID and PID used in the PC side
;application program and the firmware on the microcontroller must match.
; Modify the below line to use your VID and PID.  Use the format as shown below.
; Note: One INF file can be used for multiple devices with different VID and PIDs.
;For each supported device, append ",USB\VID_xxxx&PID_yyyy" to the end of the line.


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