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Hi, first post here.

Just had my first Arduino, a Leonardo.
Cant get the usb drivers on windows.
I get the message 'windows was unable to install your arduino leonardo bootloader'

The device is listed in device manager under \ other devices \ arduino leonardo bootloader.

Hope you can help me get over this first hurdle


Louis Davis

You should be able to install the driver for this device by pointing to the Arduino\Drivers folder.

Right click the device in Device Manager \ Other Devices
Select Update Driver Software
Select Browse my computer for software
Click Browse button
Select the Drivers folder under the location of your Arduino software installation
Click OK
Click Next


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Thanks Louis

I can get to your Click OK step but windows says

windows was unable to install your arduino leonardo bootloader
windows could not find driver software for your device

before I can get to Click Next step

I know I will look back in this with amusement when I work out what is wrong but right now its been four hours of frustration.


Louis Davis

What version of the IDE do you have?
It needs to be 1.0.1: http://arduino.googlecode.com/files/arduino-1.0.1-windows.zip

Make sure you are selecting the Drivers folder(see attached image)


Yes version and method just like your instruction.

Device manager adds two devices that I can see when the Leonardo is connected.

Device Manager \ Other Devices \ arduino leonardo bootloader
The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
this has the yellow ! and is what I try to install drivers for.

Device Manager \ Human interface devices \ USB input device
This device is working properly.


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