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rahji aka rob

It's a little absurd that there are compiler errors that produce line numbers, but we can't see line numbers in the editor.  :)



If you could see them, they would be wrong anyway ( I am guessing ). The errors are generated from the .cpp files that the editor generates, these include a small amount of extra code to turn your Arduino code into conventional c++ with a main() function rather than setup and loop which are both wrapped in the hidden/generated main function()

Duane B


Read this
then watch this



Actually there are line numbers (in a way)
left in the bottom you can see the current line number
and it corrects for the cpp changes
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I've noticed that number on a few occasions and didn't twig what it's value was indicating...
That's useful.

If there was a folding facility for brackets, that would also be really useful.
The increase in compile speed in 1.0.1 is welcome.
I'll be glad when I've had enough!

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