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Ello forum,

I'm getting a bit frustrated because i can't get this setup working(last post). I went for a shield, because they should work out of the box, which it obviously doesn't.

What is a good, fast setup to just get WiFi working on an arduino duemilanova?
and where can i order for the netherlands that won't take years, because all this trying to get it to work costs time i can't afford :l

in other words: what did YOU use for hardware, libraries that just worked?
and, i'd like to NOT have to use softserial.



I've told your in another thread that you started here:
What a functioning set up would be. Out of the box!

I will leave a reply to your last message in respect to my posting there, which should help you to success.



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Thanks Headroom,

This was kind of a panic reaction, i'll check out if that works.

In the meanwhile, i've found out why i could not enter command mode of the RN-XV WiFi module,
workaround here.

To conclude, i will try to modify the WebSocketServer code to use the WiFlyHQ libraries
and at the same time try to get it all to work with the Ethernet shield + mini WiFi Client.

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