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I've a Street light consists of 1000 LEDs 1watt each LED and have external power source to power them
i want to control these 1000 LEDs from Arduino just ON/OFF and may be dimming in the future.
a friend told me that i'll need a driver circuit or put LEDs on groups 100-200 LEDs per group.
i hope i can find help here on how to power these LEDs 1000 watt load


Usually with that many LED's you would use a matrix display where each row is lit in turn.  The problem with this is that if you have 16 rows (and 64 columns) each row can only be lit 1/16th of the time, limiting brightness.  If you want maximum brightness you will need a fixed current power supply and a transistor switch for EACH of the 1000 LEDs.  This can run into a lot of money.
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You can minimise the control needed by putting LEDs in seriese if you have enough voltage to play with.
How is the light wired up, all the LEDs are not unwired are they?


the LEDs are parallel connected each row with power supply, and i don't want to control each LED .
i'm using this matrix like a flash light, so i just want to switch all the LEDs ON/OFF
the problem with me is how to drive such power 1000 watt from arduino


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the LEDs are parallel connected each row with power supply

I bet they are not. You can't connect LEDs in parallel just straight.
We need to know the voltage and current it requires to drive it.

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