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I'm working on a Arduino project with an Arduino Mega card "embarked" on a model-ship and I'm wondering if it were possible to connect directly my RF link (two ways) to one of the USB sockets of my computer...without a second Arduino card on the remote control side ?
Thanks! :)


It would probably depend on your rf link, if it had a usb capable chip
you could always add your own usb link board that your rf module can connect to at the computer side without a whole arduino board


From Arduino's perspective, the USB is a serial port.
What is your "RF link"? (Bluetooth, WiFi, XBee etc use RF.)


thanks for the answers!
I would like to use a couple of RF receiver/transmitter pairs (434MHz in one direction and 315MHz in the other) to connect the RX and TX pin of my Arduino to the D+/D- pin of the USB plug, but what I read about USB connections made have doubts about this...

Code: [Select]
USB                                                 Arduino
D+ -> RF Transmitter (434MHz) ~~~~~~> RF Receiver -> RX
D- <- RF Receiver (315MHz) <~~~~~~ RF Transmitter <- TX

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