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Looks broke, works broke ...
Didn't know the Uno had 60 pins!


You may also want to review your attitude.
Please post technical questions on the forum, not by personal message. Thanks!

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Before I forget AGAIN! Sorry for posting this in the wrong forum, Originally to me it was a Hardware question, it got turned into a software one.

Back at it ...

Ok, I have to say this ... I AM A FREAKING BONEHEAD!

I do not own a Mega, Yet I have one on my desk and I'm missing a Uno ...
The kids I'm helping (that I originally asked the Q for) were here earlier and must of grabbed the wrong one when they left.

So, after plugging in a Uno, I get 0-19 ...

As I walk away in shame!

fh  : )_~


Arduino mega 1280

Probably could be useful:



Yes sir that would of been very helpful before I started this thread.

The very first answer was what I really needed to be told (and what I wanted).

The rest has been a waste of others time for the most part ... for that I apologize.

Then of course my test bed was flawed by stupidity.

But I did learn something so it has not been a total waste. Arduino C can iterate alphanumeric pin numbering!
Because they are defined somewhere.

I guess I need to take the time and read the Arduino source in complete to learn these little things.


fh  : )_~

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