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much of nothing and everything, some goofy stuff like drawing pictures on my o-scope, large led matrices, and a video game or 2, Though most of my applications are just boring things, timers, interfaces and whatnot


Hahahaha, did you really say drawing pictures on your oscilloscope? That's excellent,you have me strongly considering putting a hault on my project just to get the old Tektronix to be a purdy lil display for some artwork! Hahahaha, really that's AWESOME! I'm intrigued, please tell me more! 
What if Burt Reynolds, really changed his name to Turd Ferguson?


Thanks for the link! I might have to set up pong as well! Thank you for putting a delay in my project!!!! hahaha!
What if Burt Reynolds, really changed his name to Turd Ferguson?


Hi, The Arduino QuickRef pages have quite a bit of what you are looking for, and the schematics are somewhat more readable than the originals (especially the Mega2560 one):  http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/QuickRef

Also look at some practical limitations here: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/ArduinoPinCurrent

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